Friday, July 29, 2011

Every year we take a trip together with my side of the family. This year we planned to go to Lego Land and the way the timing worked out we went a few days early and spent a few days with Michelle.

She is always generous and let's us stay with her in her 1 bedroom apartment...I know it is a sacrafice to let our family of 5 into her space, even if we are family. :)

The kids were of course thrilled with being able to have some time with her. One of the days we took a walk to a nearby huge park and to the Grove (shopping/Farmers Market). Cadence and Michelle were so sweet holding hands along the walk. It is so crazy how much Cadence looks like Michelle!

The other day we ventured to the beach. We stayed all day and I think the kids would have stayed longer! They had such a great time playing.

Mark dug a huge hole and they took turns sitting in it. :)

Cadence making sand angels. :)

Isabelle having a great time!

Mark bought a boogie board from someone selling along beach. Dylan had so much fun. Even though the water was so cold he stayed in for hours and by the end was doing pretty good on it.

More pictures tomorrow of our fun at the amusement park!


Jill said...

Jill! My sister In law (Kirstin!) and her family were at Legoland on the same day... And they drove in from Phoenix too! Small world, ehh? Your beach day looked so fun! I love seeing dads playing with their sons, and the girls little bikinis are so darn cute! Glad you guys are having such a fun time!

Jill Roberts said...

that's crazy, it is a small world!