Sunday, October 9, 2016

Roberts Christmas!

 And the final Christmas celebration ended at Grandma and Grandpa R's house (not sure how we didn't get a picture of them though...oops!). 

Burkholder Christmas!

 Twinners with glasses :)
 Our tradition of Dad reading the Christmas story and the kids doing a "play" to it continues.

Our Family Christmas

 Getting ready for Christmas! Always fun to turn the Christmas music up and get our house ready with all the decorations!!

 Christmas morning is the best!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

 It was so fun to surpise Mark with a trip to Puerto Vallarta!! 
I can't believe that I actually pulled the surpise off, he had no idea! 

 It was long days of doing nothing...which for me isn't that easy. But it was fantastic just to relax and talk. Oh, and they had a turtle sanctuary on the beach at the hotel. They released the baby turtles in the evening. They were so tiny and cute. Such an amazing experience to see them make their way to the ocean.

December Fun!

 December is always a crazy busy month! We went to the big Christmas play at 1st Assembly church. We were right by the area where the camels came the kids loved that!

 Her little fingers got blisters because she practiced so much!
 Recycled car creation!
 Too cute!
 Proud to be student of the month!
 And Isabelle was Tiger Trait winner also!!

 Glendale Glitters

 Every year when Christmas caroles start on the radio Mark always rocks out to Feliz Navidad, complete with pretent shakers! It's always makes for a good laugh. :)
 Oh man...her creativity melts my heart! Look at this heart picture that say "A heart of creativity, love can't stop you from something bad that has happened to you". 
 And look at this little drum set she created with straws and paper :)
 I really am so thankful that we own our own business and that our kids get the experience of being apart of it with us!
Mark has created new side tables for our business...they are beyond awesome!!

This little one needed glasses. Don't let that smile fool you...she does NOT like them!