Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Month of Birthdays!

 We celebrated Jake's 10th birthday at the park with a bunch of his friends. The boys had a bunch of fun running around...and well doing rough house stuff like boys do. :)

 We also celebrated Mark's mom's 65th birthday! We had dinner at Cracker Barrel (Dylan's choice) and then headed to her house for some ice cream cake dessert.
 I had to take a picture of the cards the kids made for her because it made me laugh. I told each of them to do something for Grandma. Isabelle right away said she wanted to paint something (top pink paper). Cadence made a card that she drew a picture and wrote on, folded it nicely, put it in tissue paper and tied a bow with a pretty pink ribbon all done by herself. And Dylan wrote a sticky note in pencil. Funny how these cards say so much about their personalities! :)

 And we also celebrated Jolene's 39th birthday...last year in the 30's!!
I thought the picture of the kids watching gift opening was great...it was just like how it is at kids birthday parties with all the kids gathered around.

Botanical Garden Field Trip

 Cadence had a field trip to the botanical gardens this month and I was able to go along and help out. I hadn't been there since I was a kid...and honestly don't remember it at all so it was fun for me to enjoy it also.
 The butterfly garden was the highlight for the kids. They had a great time seeing all of them and having them land on them. Cadence was brave and tried to have one land on her, but no luck. :)

It was a great trip and it was super fun for me to see Cadence's interactions with her classmates and friends. She is well loved in her class with girls fighting over who got to hold her hand. :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013


The kids had fun getting little Easter baskets from Grandma R.

 The candy hunt had begun and we made the boys wait a few minutes to let the girls have a chance to find a few first...and I think it was torture for Dylan as you can see in the picture above. He could hardly stand it that they walked right past one!

 What a cute bundle of kids!

 All the kids!

Thank you Mom for hosting Easter again this year.

Great Dad Conversation

Here is a conversation while driving in the car:

Isabelle: Dylan is such a good big brother. (said out of the blue)

Me: Yes he is, he is great at being a brother!

Cadence: Yeah, but he isn't going to be a very good dad.

Dylan: That's not very nice to say. Why would you say that? I'm going to be a great dad.'

Cadence: No, you don't have dark hair and you don't look like daddy.

Dylan: No, I'm not talking about the way I look on the outside but how I'll be inside. I know I'll be a great dad because our dad is so good.

Love, love, love my kids. And love they have the security of a amazing father.


 Cadence recently has learned how to jump off the swings, she thinks it is so great. Love this picture capturing her in mid flight!
 Dylan rode bike while Mark ran the other weekend and when he came home he was yelling for the girls to come over and handed them each a flower. He said that he saw them and thought the girls would really like them. Mark later told me that he rode with them for almost a mile to bring them home for them. My heart melted with such a sweet gift for his sisters!
 Dylan realized he was big enough to start riding my bike :)
 And Cadence realized she was big enough to ride Dylan's old bike.  She asked me to take a picture of her with a silly face. :)

This last week Cadence had her friend Elizabeth over for some play time. She is such a sweet girl and they play together so great. While she was over she learned to ride a bike without training wheels! Dylan was the inspiration with trying to help her stay steady by holding the bike  as she learned to balance. Again, another amazing part of his personality with wanting to help others learn and accomplish things!

And Dylan's baseball games have started. 1st game and he hit a home run!