Monday, May 22, 2017

Dylan turns 12!

 Dylan wanted a new pair of Nike's for his birthday! 1st time to ever care about what he is wearing. :)
 We rented the wave runner at Mesa Aquatic center for his birthday. All the kids had a great time!

 And then we also did a combined family birthday celebration at our house. 

Cadence turns 9!

 Cadence decided to go to the American Girl Doll Cafe for her birthday party. A bunch of girls came and they had such a great time together! 

September Memories!

 Cadence started volleyball and is really enjoying it!

 Grandpa came to the game and had a little warm up time before. :)
We got our floors in and it is amazing!!!!

 We had our fall Junk in the Trunk market for our store and Mark built these awesome wood AZ signs!

1st Day of School - 2nd, 3rd and 6th!

 2nd Grade!
 3rd Grade
 6th Grade

Tackle Football!

 This has he become so big. He started practices this month...and it was hard. We had warned it that he may throw up because he has never excercised like that before and that it was so hot out. He was whooped. Mark got in the car after practice with him and asked him what he thought (because we assumed the 1st practice would bring down some of his excitement of playing tackle). He responded with, "that was the best thing ever, I love it!". I think we will be a football family from now on! :)

He looks like a man!!

Lake Pleasant

 Such a fun and beautiful day at the lake! 1st time to take all the kids. 

 Our annual staycation with Grandma and Jolene

 She lost a tooth!
 So thankful for their friendship!

 Dylans 6th grade class 
 Errol got married! Mark was the pastor for the service.