Monday, July 7, 2008


Two years ago today my son passed away in the arms of Mark and I. The memory is so vivid. I can tell you everything that happened that morning the pain is just on the surface of my heart and is ready to boil over any time I think of this day.

There have been times of people saying to me "Lincoln has touched so many lives" and I feel like saying tell me who. Tell me what was worth my son passing away. For the first time last week someone let me know that because of Lincoln birth and sickness, she has seen and experienced God in a different way than she ever had before. That her life has been changed because of him. It was finally something worthwhile...

I miss my son. I wish I could remember his smell, I wish I had him to hold, I wish that we were having conversations & playing together, I wish I got to know his personality.

I am different for the rest of my life because of my precious son.
Memories are a little more sacred.
My heart can understand someone elses pain.
Love is sweeter.

I am changed...I think it is good.?