Saturday, August 25, 2012

 Homework started this last week. I've been working on it with the older two at our dinner table so I can help both at the same time. Isabelle gets so excited when it is time for homework during our afternoon routine, she always runs and gets the "lap" desk and paper and pen out. She trys to write and concentrates so hard. So cute! She is going to love going to preschool next year!

Tight Spaces

 The kids realized the other day that they could fit just perfectly on the shelves in the linen closet.  They all had little beds made funny!
The closet was DESTROYED, but the kids had fun so it was worth the clean up. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Isabelle helping out

 This week Isabelle had all my attention and I am loving having just time with her. I'm thankful that we can have a season together. :) She always wants to help me wash the fruits and veggies after we go grocery shopping. She gets everything out, pulls of the stickers and puts them in to soak and rinses. She loves it and I love that she is helping out!

 Here are a few close ups of her new short haircut. She still won't keep a barrette in her hair...I've been trying. :)
The other day someone called her a boy, it made me so sad...she even had a skirt on!!
She is still so cute!

2 In School all day...what will I do?

 School started on Monday morning!

Dylan is now in 2nd grade and Cadence is going to a pre-kinder class but it is all day long from 8:30 - 2:30. So, me and Isabelle have a lot of time together now. I kinda didn't know what to do with myself with only having to care for one child and not having any fighting going on. It was great! :)

Influence of friends

Our last week of summer the kids had some play time with their friends Thomas & Ella. They decided for who know what reason to make the pool into a mud bath...I guess it is good for your skin, right.? :) They had a great time together...

 But then, they moved to playing inside and while the girls were in their room playing Ella found some scissors and said to Cadence, "you should give your sister a haircut".
OH NO.....
 I walked in to find Isabelle with the scissors in her hand but she quickly said that Cadence was the one who did it and Cadence quickly said "well, Ella told me to!".
Needless to say there was a lot of, "oh, goodness" coming from me.

Cadence and I had a long talk about making good decisions even if someone else tells you to do something that you know you shouldn't.
 It was terrible, so short not only in the back but the front also!!
But she didn't / doesn't care...good thing! :)
 Here are the 3 awnry girls :)
All is forgiven quickly :)


Last weekend the temperature in the morning was half way decent so we had some time playing outside. I can't wait for it to cool off so we can be out enjoying our yard again...hopefully soon!!
 Cadence found this stick and came up to me with it pressed on the side of her head and said she was a reindeer. :) She is our creative one!
 Isabelle is LOVING riding her bike!
 Dylan practicing some tricks, standing on the pegs.

 For some reason the kids love being in the back of the truck...they set up shop compete with chairs and of course snacks (so funny!)
Isabelle will swing for hours if she can talk someone into pushing her. Today it was her brother. :)
I love our front yard and the entertaiment it brings!