Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mark's Birthday

 We celebrated Mark turning 37 but having dinner at our favorite buffet with friends. So great being with people we love just hanging out. :)

 The kids were so excited to give Mark the cards they made and the gift that they picked out, a back massager.

 And the morning of his birthday Mark and spent the morning together just hanging out. Had breakfast at Matt's Big Breakfast which has great old memories for us and then headed to a movie. 
I love him so much!

T-ball is not the girls' favorite sport

 I signed the girls' up to play t-ball with a league through our church. I want them to play all the different sports to see which ones they really enjoy. We can clearly mark T-ball off the was like torture for them to play. So much whining on the way there and Isabelle literally just stood there and looked at the ball if it got hit to her and I think the below picture is the only time that she actually would bat!

 Cadence hated every minute of playing...but played really well. She understood where to throw the ball and hit so good! But I told her she didn't have to play again if she didn't want to. :)

Fun Memories from April

 The above picture was taken at Castles and Coasters on our family fun day (Wednesdays after school). We had a fun afternoon and the kids are getting better at it. :)
 Isabelle comes to the store sometimes on Thursdays with me. She does so great. Draws pictures, eats her lunch and then takes a nap in the back room. :) I am so thankful for our store, it has been so fun!
 We had spring carnival at school and the girls spent their tickets on hair painting (which was such a mess!) and Cadence with a tiger face! And the picture below is of Isabelle's hair. It has finally grown long enough to do a french braid...she is pretty excited for longer hair. It seems to have taken forever for it to grow from when Cadence cut it all off...not a good day. :)

Rainbow Loom rings and bracelets...who knew that little rubber bands would be all the craze. But it is, all the kids have them and love making them. I like that it is something creative and they have a great time making different styles.


 At Easter we also celebrated Kim's birthday. I love the picture that was captured. :)
Mom hosted and we had a family friend, June over also.

 The kids had lots of fun searching for goodies around the yard.