Sunday, February 24, 2013

February fun!

Just so fun photo's from the last few weeks. :)
 Mark and I on a date night, I am so thankful to have alone time with him!
 We bought a ipad from Israel & Kati and Dylan LOVES the point where he has almost lost all priviledge of playing on it because he is so obsessed with one of the games. He thinks about this game all the time!!
 Measuring how much more he has until he is as tall as grandma. I love the puffed out chest he has to try to make himself just a little bit taller :)
 Kids playing in the messy room. I always find it so hard when they come to me and say, "I'm so bored, I have nothing to play with". Really...look around at all this stuff!
 We also got out for a date night with Israel and Kati.
So thankful for their real and genuine friendship!

Number 63 for my Dad

At the beginning of the month we celebrated my dad turning 63!
Jon and Jolene hosted at their house and he requested a simple lunch of burgers, chips and coleslaw. And a cherry pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

 While we were there the boys helped Jon place his engine inside the car he is working on. He is building a Cobra replica. So with some figuring out, they got the engine in place. :)
Happy Birthday Dad! Hope this year is filled with laughter, travel and adventure (just not too much adventure :))

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Celebrating Janae's Birthday

 We celebrated Janae's birthday a few weeks ago. All the girls had a great time together!
My sister hired a face painter and they loved having all the glitter and fun on their faces. :)

Happy Birthday Janae!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Update from the last few weeks

 Our new (to us) car. 
We have named it FW (for fart wagon...of course that was Mark and Dylan's idea :)).
The kids love it and I am thankful to have more space with a 3rd row for the kids

 Time for the dentist for the girls. Cadence did amazing and it was Isabelle's first time and she was not too happy about it. She wouldn't sit in the chair so we ended up having her lay across my and the technician lady's legs and I had to hold her hands down. She calmed down after a bit...I'm hoping next time will be better. No cavities for either!

Earlier this month we celebrated Maggie's birthday by taking her out so she could pick out whatever gift she wanted and go have lunch wherever she wanted. She knew right away that she wanted to go to the Disney store to get a fairy from the Tinkerbell movie and then go to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch. They had a great time together. The afternoon ended with some icecream. :) Happy 6th Birthday to Maggie!

 Cadence is just so cute in the new jacket from Aunt Michelle. She picked out this whole outfit by herself. :)
 Cadence also had her 5  year old check up and immunization shots (oops, I forgot so they were a little late). She weights 46 pounds which puts her in the 70% for her age and is 47" tall which puts her in the 97% for her height. She is going to be a tall girl.
 The kids had fun with all the rain in the last weeks. Dylan built a "contraption" in his words. He was collecting the water that was running from the edge of the roof. While exploring and digging around he found a huge worm...which was fed to the chickens. :)

Isabelle somehow has started writing mom. She has no idea that the letters are when I ask her but she remembers how to write it. I now get pictures all the time with my name. I love it. :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zinnia's at Melrose

January 1st I moved into a new vendor space at Zinnia's at Melrose. here is the before picture of my room. Bright, bright, bright! So I made some changes with some gray paint and made it a little more my style. :)

 Here is how it looked after I moved in! I love the new space and am so thankful to have found a much better fit for our business. The business is growing and we are excited to see where it will take us!

Ditch Day with Dad

 A couple weeks ago we let Dylan ditch school on Wednesday and Mark and Dylan went up the mountain to do some skiing / snowboarding.

 When getting on the lift one of the times, Mark didn't make it on so it was Dylan's first time riding all by himself. He didn't mind...I think Mark was more worried about it than he was. :)
They had a great time together!