Sunday, October 4, 2015

Back to School!

 2nd Grade
 1st Grade
 5th Grade
 Had to get a photo with the chicken!
 And this is what was really happening while I was trying to take photos!!

August Memories!

 Dylan got a shout out on instagram from our icecream truck driver...we do have the coolest icecream couple ever!

 Isabelle wants long hair so, so bad. It's actually pretty long when you pull those curls down!
 Flavors of the family. Night out for a little sweet treat.
 The sky was amazing this evening!
 Isabelle said she wanted to learn guitar and about 15 minutes later she was receiving her 1st lesson from Mark. It was so sweet. She is learning very quickly and not even complaining about her sore fingers!

 There was some silliness in our house one morning :)

Florida Part 2

 And the fun continued with our 1st trip to the Atlantic Ocean and our last fun outing to Gatorland!

 My animal lover, loved every minute of feeding the birds!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Florida - DisneyWorld!

 Oh, it was so much fun! The kids were old enough and it was just a wonderful day having fun together. Yes it was hot and yes it rained...but it was still so great! This family trip was the best we have ever had!!

Isabelle wasn't very happy at this point at the happiest place on earth. :)

 Dylan and I watched on the sidelines while dad and the girls did the tea cups. We didn't want to feel sick for the rest of the time!

Trying to cool off while waiting in line!