Friday, April 24, 2015

March Memories!

 I feel like this month was filled with a lot of fun picture memories! The weather has been beautiful and we spent a lot of time outside!
 This text was so funy to me. Mark was at Dylan's basketball game and all the girls want to do while we are there is fight over who gets to sit on our laps. I wasn't at this game so they both were fighting over dad's lap and all he wanted to do was watch the game! 
 Cadence at her Pom and Cheer class. Her favorite so far has been gymnastics...she loves cart wheels, back bends and hanging off of bars!
 Time for haircuts. I so rarely take them in for a cut...usually I just trim it. :)
 Wanted to capture this picture of the beautiful sky. God showed me one day a few months ago while I was driving towards the sunset and looking through my dirty windshield that yes I could enjoy the beautiful sunset but my view is a little tainted...kinda dirty. And that is how I have been seeing God, knowing He is good and beautiful...but maybe my lens was a bit dirty and I haven't been able to fully see His stunning nature and goodness. The last few months my heart has opened and I'm trusting more. The above photo was through my windshield that was just a little dirty and it again reminded me of the things God was speaking. I love when I am able to hear His still small voice.

 Doing gymnastics while listening to music...this is a good day for her!

Our garden is doing good!

 Mark was out of town with Dylan so the girls and I went out for some food and shopping. We got new hats, ate some pretzels (well, because that is what my mom did with me when I was little!) and had Sushi for dinner.

 Isabelle has been asking for a balance beam for a few months now and Mark kept telling her he would build it...but just couldn't seem to find the time. Until the weekend I was out of town for my girls trip and I received this fantastic photo by text. She loves everything about it!
 Just hanging out in a tree doing some drawing and writing!

Even Dylan likes the balance beam and is practicing his cart wheels!
 Date night. I love him!

Jake and Janae had a sleep over so we had to keep our tradition of walking to Bosa Donuts for breakfast (and our neighbor friend came along also). 

Out of Africa!

 We finally were able to go to Out of Africa over spring break. It was our first time and we had a great time. The kids loved being close to the animals and it was a perfect overcast day and all the animals were out and about!

 Love Isabelle's look as she turned around after the giraffe at her food. :)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Girls Weekend!

 My small group at bible study took a weekend trip together. It was so fun to be with girls that I'm loving getting to know better and have lots of fun together!! Very thankful for all these ladies and how they influence my life. 

Field Trip with Isabelle

 I'm always thankful when I am able to go along on field trips with the kids. Isabelle's sweet little class went to the Wildlife World Zoo, we had lots of fun together!

 Ms. Lisa is always telling me how much everyone loves Isabelle and wants to play with her. I don't get to see that side of her often so it was fun to see Liam come up and just give her a hug. 

She has grown and matured so much this year. She started school with only recognizing a few letters and now is ready simple books. I am not only proud of her love for learning but in getting better with not being so shy and reserved. Thankful she is feeling more confident and will always see her little steps in growing!

Finally a visit to the snow!

 We had one last snow storm come up we had to make a weekend trip! Thankful we were able to have time away with friends and make memories!

As soon as we got home, Mark started planning our summer vacation. I love this photo of the kids being so excited looking at places with him. :)