Saturday, February 14, 2015

 For Christmas we gave the girls' a trip to LA to go to the American Girl Doll store to pick out their own doll and made a weekend trip of just hanging out. Kati & Maggie also came!
Day 1 was beach day. The girls had so much fun doing gymnastics on the beach and just hanging out. And it was a nice warm sunny day!

 The next day we headed to The Grove and did a little shopping and hanging out before heading to the store. We found the Dylan candy store and of course had to bring a candy bar home for our Dylan!

 I have to be honest and admit that the store was a bit overwhelming not only for the girls but for me also. There was a lot to look at...and a lot of people there!
 They love their dolls and outfits they picked out!

We also went to the lunch at the store where the dolls had special high chairs at the table. It was a sweet time for the girls!

 And the morning we left we did one last fun thing and walked to Griffith Park and rode the train and horses. Maggie loved it and Cadence wasn't so sure...but she got on and tried it. And I couldn't talk Isabelle into it! ;)
It was so fun to have just a girls trip and make it so special for them! I'm sure it won't be our last time!!


 Christmas celebrations started at the Burkholder house on Christmas Eve and we of course held the tradition of Dad reading the birth story as the kids re-enact it. 

 And then we did Christmas with just our family in the morning!

 And then our next tradition of the Whittemores coming over for breakfast and gift giving!

 And the celebrating ended at the Roberts house where John and Michelle came for a few days!

Merry Christmas!!

Roberts Family Reunion

The Roberts side of the family were in town for the holidays so we had a big get together and we hosted it at our house. It was great to see everyone...I hadn't seen the cousins in many, many years!


My Birthday - The big 38!

 For my birthday Mark planned a elaborate celebration of Jillympics. Jill Olympics. He had all kinds of events planned including starting with a opening ceremony video that he created to closing with Jill Jeopardy. And I loved that I was able to spend it with both the Whittemores and McArthurs...thankful for deep friendships and a husband who makes things special!

Ice blocking at the park was the 1st event. 

 Another event was a obstacle course stearing the boat at Tempe Town Lake.

 Love these girls!

December Memories!

 I love that December brings so many fun things and just a feeling of excitement!
The kids had such a great time decorating the house & tree for Christmas this year...and did it all on their own!
 The girls' sweet friendship is such a treasure. Yes they fight...but they genuinely really enjoy being together. Thankful!

 Isabelle is my big helper always and it didn't fail even when putting up our Christmas lights!

 Those teeth!
Dylan was Tiger Trait winner for December!! So proud of his improvement this last quarter!
 Cadence and I along with Kati & Maggie went to the Orpheum theatre to see the Nut Cracker. 
The girls felt fancy and had a great time watching the ballet!