Monday, January 19, 2009

Pirates, Pirates and more Pirates

For Christmas Aunt Michelle gave Dylan a bunch of pirate stuff...that Dylan loves and plays with daily. She bought a cd of pirate music that we listen to all the time, I'm not joking he asks to listen to it constantly. He pretends like he is a pirate usually dressed in pirate belt that has the sword stashed in, red bandana, eye patch, and of course I can't forget the cowboy boots. He makes treasure maps and uses my jewelry box as the treasure chest. It really is pretty cute.

Of course sister has to dress like a pirate as well. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Pounds!

I am 18 weeks along with baby #4. We will get to find out what we are having in another 4 weeks...yeah! My pounds are starting to pack on, I'm up 13 pounds already. This picture was taken on Christmas Day...I've gained another 3 pounds since then. :) I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer squeeze myself into my "fat" pants and will need to pull out the maternity clothes. I just hate them.

On another note, Mark is shedding pounds like crazy. He started eating healthy and exercising and he has lost a amazing 18 pounds already in only 1 month! I am really proud of him. He is helping me out with the exercising because we have been walking a lot. Yesterday we walked 4 1/2 miles...I got tired and was ready to go home and he wanted to keep going. His solution for me was to ride on our 2 seater stroller and he would push me. Can you imagine the sight of that! He couldn't understand why I wouldn't do it.