Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rocky Point!

 We went to Rocky Point last weekend for our annual my side of the family trip. My parents rented us a beach house...it was a perfect location and the water was wonderful! It was so great for the kids to just be able to play and run around. We literally sat on the beach the entire time!

 Dylan loved ocean fishing, he was out in the water up to his neck with Uncle Jon trying get one. He was dedicated even though he didn't catch anything. :(
 The boys liked to sit up on the balcony / roof and hang out
 Football and a little pant pulling tackle! :)
 We found tons of shells! I loved every minute of searching for them and was so happy to find out that Isabelle is a "explorer" so I'm excited to have someone else in our family to enjoy searching with!
 I brought along wood frames for the kids to make a shell collage and then put in a picture of them from our trip. They enjoyed the craft time...Also brought along pipe cleaners for them to make bracelets and necklaces with the shells that had holes. Dad was a good sport and wore the necklace that Cadence made for him. :)

 All the kids LOVED the water. Isabelle included. She had a great time playing on her own or on the boogie board with the kids pulling her around.

 Thanks Mom and Dad for another wonderful trip! I think it was one of my favorite ones so far!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cousin Sleep over

 Dylan and Jake have been talking about wanting to have a sleep over since before school ended and a few weekends ago we were finally able to make it happen. The day started with some water sprinkler fun and a "toast" of orange soda. It was a pretty big deal to be drinking soda from a glass bottle!

 The girls had fun doing craft projects while the boys played video games. :)

 We did a science experiment (found the idea on Pinterest) to make a lava lamp. You put vegetable oil in clear bottle then water with food coloring and then drop a alka seltzer in and once it touches the water it bubbles up the colored water into the oil to make the "lava". It didn't last real long but the kids enjoyed it.

 After a movie with popcorn to quiet things down they were off to bed. The girls all together and the boys got my bed since Mark was out of town. They thought this was so great.
They all did so good...we'll probably be doing again soon. :)

Friday, July 13, 2012


 I saw on Pinterest a recipe for homemade slime so thought I would give it a try. Super easy...white glue, water and borax. They love it. Had a great time playing with it. Only negative is that if it touches fabric it doesn't come off real great (had to cut a little bit of my rug out because of a plop landing on it)

House projects

Got a urge to do some little projects at the house. 
This is our door from garage into house. It was getting pretty dirty from all my paint projects happening in the garage and then clean up in the house (which thankfully will end soon since I am putting in a utility sink in the laundry area outside).

Painted the door with chalk paint so now we can write messages and fun things whenever we want. It makes me smile. :) 

Took about 30 minutes, if that to do. Took two coats of chalkboard paint from Home Depot.

 I also painted Dylan's sliding closet doors with chalkboard paint and hung them back up.
Super fun. I have a feeling it is going to be good entertainment for the kids. :)

Day of Appointments

On Wednesday Isabelle had her 3 year old doctor check up and shot. Needless to say that when she heard she was headed to the doctor, tears began to flow and mumbling of "don't want shots" came from her. It was her first time of understanding what was going to happen when she goes to the doctor (we really only go when it is time for immunizations...thankfully).
 She was brave but very clingy. She got only 1 shot this time and didn't even cry for it...sat perfectly still. :) She weighs 34 pounds (90%) and is 40" tall (97%).
 Dylan and Cadence were silly the whole time, messing with each other. I love the interactions of these pictures. Cadence trying to kiss and Dylan wanting to be close but still pushing her away a bit. :)

 And in the afternoon we headed to the dentist. Dylan had a filling that had fallen out weeks ago and had a hole in his tooth. The kids dentist that had done the filling didn't take our insurance any more but they were kind enough to fix the work for free that had obviously not been done correctly. The damage was to his root so he had to get a crown. He now has a shiny metal tooth! So thankful that it didn't cost us anything.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July!

 We celebrated the 4th of July by riding the light rail to Tempe Town lake.
We went with Alison & the kids and Errol.
The kids had a great time riding the light rail and goofing around. :)
 We walked to the North side of the lake and had a great and close view of all the fireworks!

Super fun and amazing weather!

Learning to Swim

 We started swim lessons for the girls last week (Dylan didn't want to do them this year). The first day they both did great for their teachers but next time not so good. Both cried and didn't want to go to class:(.
Isabelle was a little hesitant at first, but soon hopped in and was learning!

 Cadence is working on swimming further and taking a breath while swimming.
Hoping all the kids will be good swimmers by the end of season.

Polishing Toes

 Came in from doing some work outside to find this scene going on in my living room floor. The girls wanted their nails polished and Dylan offered to do it. Mind you that never has Dylan or the girls polished their nails on their own...so polish was getting all over their skin assuming it just washes right off.
Dylan was surprised when he went to wash his hands and nails off to find it stuck fast...and I was out of poish remover.
We laughed about his pink nail for a few days.
I love that he offered to do this for them!