Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cousin Sleep over

 Dylan and Jake have been talking about wanting to have a sleep over since before school ended and a few weekends ago we were finally able to make it happen. The day started with some water sprinkler fun and a "toast" of orange soda. It was a pretty big deal to be drinking soda from a glass bottle!

 The girls had fun doing craft projects while the boys played video games. :)

 We did a science experiment (found the idea on Pinterest) to make a lava lamp. You put vegetable oil in clear bottle then water with food coloring and then drop a alka seltzer in and once it touches the water it bubbles up the colored water into the oil to make the "lava". It didn't last real long but the kids enjoyed it.

 After a movie with popcorn to quiet things down they were off to bed. The girls all together and the boys got my bed since Mark was out of town. They thought this was so great.
They all did so good...we'll probably be doing again soon. :)

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