Monday, February 6, 2017

April Fun

 Our new next door neighbor is my friend Jeannette. Our girls are the same age and similiar personalities...this was their 1st time getting comfortable with one another. :) Does my heart so good! We closed on our house but are still living with the Whittemores while we demo everything...there is so much work to get done!! 

 Family dining table! It has been a full house but the time spent here has been so sweet and easy as it possibly could be. As a thank you, Mark built them this custom table. It's super unique and beautiful!!

 Family fun day goofy golfing at Castles and Coasters!

 This crazy kid...he did a selfie of his new haircut. :)
 Flag football season with the city of Phoenix parks and rec. 

 Our new pool!! The only great thing about our new house at this time! The slide is so much fun, the kids are in heaven. 

Silly girl...that's a light fixture! ;)


 Aunt Michelle's Easter box arrived...they were all fighting over getting it open! 

 Headed to our new community park (Butler Park) for a neighborhood easter egg, love, love that our new neighborhood does such fun things together! 

April Celebrations!

 Celebrated Jake turning 13! I can't believe that he is a teenager already!!

 And took Mark's mom out to dinner for her birthday (dad was out of town) and then headed to her house for ice cream cake...because it is tradition. :)

Errol is getting married! We celebrated together as couples and Mark planned a RV trip bachelor party with a group of guys. They had so many fun stories and memories from that trip!!

 And finally celebrated all 3 of their birthdays! Even though some are in May. 

March Memories

 Took the kiddos to the zoo. Haven't been in a long time...always so fun!
 Ran into our friend and old neighbor Thomas. Dylan paid for himself and Thomas to ride the camel together!

 Oh Isabelle, how I love your sweetness. Sometimes it's hard having a sister who isn't so organized! :)
 The Moore's came for a visit! Actually this happened about 2 weeks before we moved out of our house. Love having them come for visits. So fun for the kids to be older and have fun together!

Moved in March

Well...we are buying
a house but our closing date isn't for a few weeks after the time we have to move out of our rental house. Needing to move out so quickly wasn't what we wanted when needing to purchase a home...but this is the way it has worked out.
We found a home that needs lots and lots of love, I love that we will be able to make it our own! 
 So everything is being packed into this box and stored for just over a month while we live with the Whittemores. Yep, that is correct...our family of 5 is moving in with their family of 4 plus Israel's brother! They are so generous and I am so thankful! I couldn't imagine needing to live with anyone thankful they love us so well! 
 I will miss our neighborhood, I love it here! The house not so much...but this yard has been amazing. So many memories have been created and love that this is where we have called home for the last 3 years. I never thought we could live in 1200 sf, but it really wasn't that bad. :)

 This home allowed us to grow our business, Twigs and Twine. Hours upon hours of time has been spent in this workshop. Refinishing, sanding, building. Words really don't do justice with how thankful I am to God for providing this perfect home and workshop all in one. 

 Final load that didn't fit and what we need for the Whittemores. The vehicles are packed out and Mark is done loading! 

 I think there are going to be a lot of sweet memories made over this next month. How fun to have the girls' best friend be who we get to live with!