Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Memories

 Dylan got his eyes checked this month and all is good. Actually doctor said he has better than perfect can that be? :)
 Our bunnies are so cute. Dylan thinks it a little baby and holds it that way. Crazy thing is, the bunny doesn't care!

 Dylan picked out some new clothes on his own. 
He thinks he looks pretty cool (and he is super handsome!).
Chores have started in the Roberts house. The kids know to look at their lists to see what they have left to do for the week, and we made these cool hanging jars for the saving and giving money. Love the way they turned out!

Spring is in the air

 Our garden is sprouting and the tomatoes survived the winter. I really enjoy watching our garden sprout and change. Trying potatoes for the 1st time...hopefully we get a bunch. :)

And the flowers on the peach tree are so beautiful!