Friday, June 23, 2017

My birthday Surprise - Costa Rica!

I couldn't have been more surprised when 

It took me a second to process what was happening and all the details that would need to be taken care of in order to go on a vacation for my 40th birthday! But one of the gifts I felt was that he had thought through every detail and had everything taken care of...I mean everything! Which is not like him. :)

The trip was amazing. Relaxing and perfect to be able to spend it with our best friends also. I feel very loved!! We spent half the time near a volcano that had natural springs running through the town. And the rest of the time near the ocean. The perfect combination! 


thanksgiving at school for lunch
 this year we decided to do a turkey trot...and I have a feeling that it may become a tradition. The girls and I did a 1 mile run and Mark and Dylan did a 5K. Everyone did so great! It was a lot of fun. :)

 This was the best pictures with these silly big kids now! I think I have a photo in this same spot since they were babies!

 Thankful basket with grandma is still a great tradition. 
Always fun to hear what they are thankful for. 


 We have baby chicks! They are so cute when they are so little.
(update, 2 ended up being rooster and had to find a new home at a local farm. )
 Happy birthday grandpa! 70!!
 Love going on family hikes, North Mountain

 My poor sweet girl has hives all over her's been a few days. She has done so good with them. Finally figured out it was our laundry soap which is crazy because I have used the same soap since she was a baby! 
 Dylan did not like his fortune! 
Saturdays are good days for taking car of chores

Time to work on our backyard. Leveling out all the dirt so we can dig the trenches for sprinklers. Why oh why is there so much extra dirt back here?!

Fall Fun

The beach is good for my soul

 There is not much better for me than sitting on the beach and watching my kids pure delight in playing in the ocean. Hours upon hours of entertainment, I love everything about it!