Wednesday, August 6, 2014

June Memories

 Mark let one rip and locked the windows so we couldn't get any fresh air! stinky!!
 T-ball season ended. And this trophy by far was the only good thing that came from it...won't be doing that again.
 We got some new baby chicks!
 A note that Cadence wrote to Daddy...
Jesus is always with you but he is invisible. I love Jesus and he loves me. I will swim with you. :)
 A crawdad came up through our irrigation and landed in our front driveway. Our soft heart for animals rescued it and gave it some lettuce for food and then back in the irrigation well it went.
 Cadence was made at me, locked herself in the bathroom and left this note on the floor in front of it. It made me laugh inside so much!
 We started tumbling class...which both of the girls LOVE!
 Date night with my love.
 Celebrating Lincoln's 8th birthday (crazy how quickly the time passes) with our annual tradition of making cupcakes.
 Our pets are well loved!

 Nacho with a bite like a M...for mom, of course :)
 Birthday morning for Isabelle. Love her sweet smile that I rarely get to capture.
Some down time. 
They don't read on their own, so part of the summer schedule is at least 20 minutes a day.

Maggie staying with us!

 Eli had his 3rd open heart surgery over the 1st week of June and we had the privilege of Maggie staying with us. It was so fun to have her with us for that long...the girls loved every minute of it!

 Treats for being goo!
 They pulled carrots from the garden and Maggie is pretending to eat her's...she wasn't so sure about it not looking perfect. :)

 Praying for Eli, the morning of his surgery. So sweet.
 Eli's surgery went amazing and he recovered perfectly. Thankful!

Fathers Day!

 The kids had so much fun making cards with pictures for Mark for Fathers Day this year. I think the best part was how excited they were about them!

 My Mom's birthday happened to fall on Fathers Day, so we also celebrated her 64th!

Thankful for our family.

Taller than Grandma

 Mark started taking pictures of Dylan and Grandma a few years ago to show his growth. A few weeks ago he has now grown to be taller than her! Love seeing the progression.