Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back to the cabin with the Whittemores!

 After all our years of friendship we finally took the Whittemore's to the cabin! It was so much fun to be there with them and showing them around. The kids of course loved exploring!

 Dylan found a iphone covered in mud at the entrance to the train tunnel. He was so excited!

 We went up to the lookout tower and was able to see a panaromic beautiful!

1st day of School!

 School started August 4th! 
Cadence and Isabelle were really excited and Dylan cried the night before. :)
We had such a fun summer and it flew by...but I was ready for school to start!
 Isabelle is in pre-k class with Covenant. And Dylan is in 4th Grade and Cadence 1st Grade.

August Fun!

 Lots of rain this month...the kids had a mix of excitement and being afraid of the thunder!

 Isabelle looks so old to me in this more babies in our house. :(
 Had friends over for dinner!
 Flowers (Zinnias) from our garden. 1st time to grow flowers...and I love having them!
 Girls helping me do some baking.
 Just for fun!

 Lost her 1st tooth...finally! And then her 2nd tooth came out a few days later.
 The girls did a little ballet class this summer. They didn't love it but learned a few little things. :)

 Every time the kids walk out our door they walk along the edge of our flower bed.
They finished this puzzle together...wanted to capture this memory because the two of them don't do very much together very often.

Burkholder Family Trip to San Diego

 Our annual trip this year lead us to San Diego! We stayed at a super cool old apartment building turned into hotel...I loved the style. 
We spent the first day at the beach, the water was not freezing so that was great for the kids. They of course loved every minute of beach play time!

 We also went to the USS Midway museum. It is such a huge ship! And learned some interesting new things. We went outside for lunch and had a picnic near some fun trees in the harbor.

 And we (well at least half of us) went deep sea fishing. Overall a ok fishing trip. We all caught something...just just little ones. It was Dylan's first time fishing in the ocean. He did great and didn't feel sick at all. But was a little unsure about hooking the live bait!

 Took a walk in the neighborhood near our hotel to a cool bridge which lead to a little pathway around the block.