Saturday, March 23, 2013

So fun!

We decided to take the kids for a boat ride at Tempe Town lake last weekend...just to do something fun. :)

 Love them so much! Dylan is such a great brother and I love that the girls are becoming such good friends. :). Just noticed as I'm typing this that it looks like Isabelle is holding herself...oops! :)

 Mark let the kids each have a turn driving the boat (Isabelle didn't want to). They thought it was so great! It took a little for them to get the hang of steering, but they both caught on really quick.
 (love Isabelle's crazy excited eyes in this picture :))


So thankful for my family and the amazing memories we get to have together!

Spring Break Fun

We had such a fun spring break, connecting with friends we don't get to see often. The kids had a amazing week of much fun, Dylan had a bit of a sad melt down one evening when going to bed sad that he only had 3 days left of fun. He loves his fun, and never wants it to end. :)



Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Was thankful for some time with the Whittemore's the other weekend. We took a walk over to a close by restaurant. It was a great night of enjoying great friend, being outside, loving our neighborhood and supporting local business.
 Mark has started his schedule of running and biking getting ready for his Ironman in November. We decided to join him for his run with riding bikes along side him. It's nice because he runs along the canal so we don't have to worry about cars. The kids did amazing and finished the 5 mile ride/run!
 Captured this photo quickly of how the kids say goodbye to Cadence everyday at school. They all love her so could you not, she is so sweet!
 Dylan had a friend over for some play time and they loved just hanging out with our chickens. :)
 Picked up a sandbox this week while thrifting and the girls are enjoying it.
 Cadence getting some drum lessons. She loves music!

Student of the Month!

Dylan was nominated for student of the month this month by his classmates. He has worked really hard this last quarter at getting his grades up and focusing more in class. We have been super proud of him and the hard work he has done!! It happened to be dress up day for Dr. Seuss' birthday...that's why his principal is in this costume. :)
 I usually help in Dylan's class for the half hour between picking up Cadence and when Dylan gets out of school. This last week it was fun to be apart of his reading time in class. :)
Dylan also had his last run of the school year with Kids Rock running club. He ran just over a mile on the green lawn outside of the Cardinal's stadium. He ran the whole time and at the end gave a extra push and finished strong!

Friday, March 1, 2013


Love this picture I captured of Isabelle checking out her shadow. :)
 Dylan is such a great big brother! Giving Isabelle a ride while we were shoe shopping, she was complaining and wanting to be held and brother stepped in and offered his back.
Valentines Day. Cadence lost her balloon to the ceilling and Dylan had the solution for her to be able to reach it. :)
Dylan's reaction when opening a card from Grandma and seeing there was money inside!
Came into the room to find this fun person on the floor. Of course it was Cadence who created it. She made "me" complete with feet and a head from construction paper.
 Playground fun! Isabelle thinks it's great that she is now big enough to hold herself upside town on the short monkey bars.
And Cadence is now great on the big monkey bars!
 Can you see what this below picture is?? I didn't see it at first, it is 1 book plus 1 book = 2 (blanket spells 2). Only my sweet Cadence's brain thinks this way! :)
 Irrigation water fun, splashing with our neighbor Will.
Sister love!

Baseball practice has begun. Dylan's coachs are wonderful, he has already learned more in the last few weeks than he did the whole season last year! I'm excited for him to be challenged this year.
 Evening walk with the family. I love our neighborhood!
Thankful for the wonderful memories of this month!

Visit from friends!

I love having friends that maybe you don't see or talk to all that often but when you do see each other it's just where you left off last time you saw one another. I'm thankful for our friends Travis and Kobie and their little one's Thatcher and Crosby. It's been over 2 years since we saw each other and it was great to have them at our house for a long weekend!
 They loved the sunshine (they live in Portland), so we were outside a lot. :)

 We had great play time, bike rides, walks, good food and wonderful conversation!