Friday, September 21, 2012

Random Pictures from the week

 Mark took Dylan and Cadence hiking at Camelback Mountain over the weekend. They rode bikes there (Cadence has a tandem bike that is attached to Mark's) and then hiked. Cadence in the past hasn't had the strength to go very far...but now that she is older she did amazing! Mark said she just went right along, no complaining and they almost made it up to the top! That is incredible, it is such a hard mountain.
 (love her belly peeking out in the below picture)

 Isabelle took the above picture of her feet. I found it when I downloaded my pictures and it made me smile. :)
Mark's aunt Kim sent some coins home with Mark's mom (they were with each other for the last month on a trip to Korea!). She had saved from all the countries she went to. So Dylan had more to add to his collection that Kim had already given him. He had the idea of putting them in the shape of the USA. Still has a bit more of area to fill in. Thought it was a cute idea. :)

Isabelle and swim suits

 Isabelle wears a swim suit every day...all day. I finally snapped a picture of her.
She puts it on after her bath to go to bed or puts one on as soon as she wakes up. I have to tell her all the time to put clothes on because we will be going to the store (or whatever)...she always responds the same "can I wear it under?" Most of the time I don't argue with her...why not let her wear it? There are more important things. :)
I took this picture right after dropping Dylan off at school in the's 7:20. :)

Cadence 1st Writings

This is the first writing that Cadence has done. Her teacher said she did it all on her own during her center time. Thought it was super cute and I was impressed with her sounding the words out.
Mom picked me up.
I want to be teacher.
She is starting to sound out words when we read. It is very natural for her and she loves it. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today I got my hands dirty in my compost dirt...and had a smile on my face the whole time! It is so dark and rich...full of great stuff for my garden. I couldn't help but think back when I first got my ugly trash can composter and how I am constantly reminded of the transforming power always at work on the inside. Here is a link to my original post about the composter

 My sweet potato vines are doing amazing. I tried to grow shoots this last spring but never got any and was so bummed that I wouldn't have any sweet potatoes in the fall...but one day I went out and saw a shoot growing on the side of the garden bed, it looked pretty so I didn't pull it out. I am so glad I didn't, I soon realized it was a sweet potato vine. I pulled up the potato from the outside dirt and transplanted into the bed. The vines are great and healthy...can't wait til I can pull them up! :)
 Look how pretty it is. I was a little worried when I started composting that I wasn't doing it right. Well, because I would just throw stuff in there and add some water but never really turned or anything. There were many times that I looked in there and thought "this is not doing anything". But no, it was at work making beautiful dirt!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fun outside

 Today we headed out on a bike ride to the park. They realized that Cadence could ride on the pegs of Dylan's bike...oh, so much fun! Dylan loved being able to ride her around. :)

This was taken yesterday at Errol's house. Who's kid is this monkey? He is so strong!!

Isabelle 1st Tumbling Class

 Isabelle started her 1st tumbling class on Friday. Well, actually it is her 1st class of any kind, ever! She did not want to go, had a full on melt down and ended up being about 25 minutes until I could get her to calm down and out of the bathroom. :) I only convinced her to calm down by telling her that she didn't have to do anything but had to sit in the classroom. So we went into class, explained to teacher this was her first class ever, sat her down and she joined right in...and loved it! Silly girl, why the meltdown. :)

She did great listening to instructions and was able to do everything.
 (you can see her in the mirror reflection)

 I know this picture is blurry but she seriously jumped so high with her frog jumps!
I had the moment of realization watching her in class that she is no longer a "little" girl. Yes she is still little but the "babyness" is all gone. No more little ones in our house. Bitter-sweet.


 Day 2 we spent at the Long Beach Aquarium. It was surprisingly bigger and better than I anticipated. The kids loved it because they could touch a lot of the animals and I was really proud of both Cadence and Isabelle for being brave enough to touch also!

 Jelly Fish! Who knew that they feel like rubber on top...I always thought they were just swooshy. :)

This shark made me laugh. Check out his teeth smile!

 Cadence was our photographer for this one :)

Fun time!

The weekend was wonderful. We ended our trip there with Michelle spoiling the kids and letting them pick out their own gift from Toys r Us! Cadence went up and down every aisle making sure she had just the right item...she ended up with a big marble roller. Dylan knew exactly what he wanted...more Ninjago guys. And Isabelle also was able to pick out a gift...she made me laugh because she knew exactly what she wanted the whole time we were there. She held the box the entire time and never wavered for any other toy...a boy of 6 Tinkerbell Mermaid dolls to play with in the bath. Fun to see what they enjoy :).

Labor Day Weekend Trip to visit Michelle

For the long weekend Michelle invited us over for a weekend get away. The weather was perfect and it was so nice to have a short vacation. The kids of course loved every minute and also loved being able to have some time with Michelle!
 The first day we were there was spent at the beach. The water was freezing but that didn't stop the kids from having a great time! The all got in and a big wave came and...
 this is how Isabelle came out of the wave. Dripping from head to toe and not happy! Poor thing, the wave knocked her right over. Needless to say she didn't get back it but still had a great time in the sand. She later told me that she only "likes the sand and sea shells, not the water". :)

 Crab sand finding! Cadence always surprises me with how brave she is with finding and holding them.

 Nap time!
Michelle met us at the beach...she did a measly 19 mile run to get there! Seriously...who does that??!!