Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grandma Day

 This week for Grandma day my mom took the kids to Peter Piper Pizza. They have a summer fun activity every Tuesday, this weeks theme was carnival. The kids of course had a great time!

 Dylan is such a scavenger. This is him trying to find tokens...does he have tokens, yes. But it is more about finding the one that was lost and hidden. I kept finding him digging behind games trying to find tokens and tickets...he did end up finding 4 tokens which he was very excited about!
I find it so funny, because I was the exact same way when I was a kid (but maybe not quite as intense about it as Dylan is).
 When we were done we headed over to my Uncle Jerry's house. They have quite a few animals now so we decided to go check out the "petting zoo". Cadence was scared to death and clung to me as I was holding her screaming the whole time!

The animals have full range around the yard/back patio so when we walked to the back all the goats & horse was right there to greet us. We walked to the back barn area and the horse was just inches away following behind my mom as they went! I have never seen such a thing, so funny. I wish I got a picture of the goats because they did the exact same thing...all 9 of them!

Dylan of course loved it all while the girls were not so sure about so many animals being so close!


 We took the kids bowling yesterday. It was Cadence's first time, she was a little nervous at first but got the hang of it with a little help from Dad!
(I love her crazy mix match socks :))
 A little encouragment from Dad!
 And of course brother had to help her out with teaching her how to play also.
 They had such a great time. We will definitely be going back again during the summer break

Monday, June 18, 2012

Estate Sale

 I bought my 1st estate sale left overs! It was actually from a house that I had shown to a client for real estate. There was a bunch of stuff in the garage and I asked it it was for sale...sure enough, we ended up buying a very full truck load of furniture and household items!

It was so much fun going through all the stuff...even Mark was excited about it! :)
Hopefully we'll be able to do it again in the near future and keep my projects & store space full!

Celebrating 62!

 On Saturday we celebrated my mom's 62nd birthday at Jolene's house!

 The kids were excited to see the gifts being opened and Dylan had the idea to give a silver dollar to her for a thoughtful. :)

We also celebrated Fathers Day while we were all together!


 Ouch!! We had just arrived at the pool for swimming, Mark and Dylan in the big pool while I was in the small pool with the girls. All of a sudden Mark is walking towards me, holding Dylans face saying "we need to go". I honestly didn't think much of it thinking that what he was saying is they needed to go to the bathroom. There was no crying or yelling coming from Dylan.

He was practicing doing flips from the side of the pool and ended up just jumping backwards...but not far enough and smacked his chin on the side of the pool. Not much blood and it was all thankfully very calm.
 We headed towards urgent care and Dylan was more upset about the thought of having to get stitches than he was when he hurt himself. He was so brave! He held perfectly still, no complaining. When they gave the shot for the stitches it was the worst part of the whole experience. He was begging the doctor to stop because it hurt so bad :(.
4 stitches later and probably a nice scar

Friday, June 15, 2012


Dylan thought this up and made it the other day while having his quiet time (Starwars).
Lego's is the one toy that he still consistently plays with.

Water Fun

Pictures of some fun the kids had last week playing in the water. It was the last day of VBS and they had slides and a nice BBQ lunch. The fire department came and sprayed down the area which left the grass a "pond" which Isabelle loved playing in! gross :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Time with Aunt Michelle

 We drove up to L.A. for a overnight stay with Michelle.
On Saturday afternoon we walked to the nearby park and played for awhile and then headed over to
"The Grove" for dinner.
 The next day we wanted to do something close by so we headed to the La Brea Tar Pits. It's really crazy because just a few miles away from Michelle's house in the middle of the city are these bubbling tar pits and a museum with all the fossils they have found and a area where they are still working of fossils they are still finding.

Mark and Michelle remember coming here as kids...and not having a good time. So needless to say, Mark wasn't very excited about the experience but in the end I think he had a good time. At least I know the kids had fun looking at all the fossil exhibits. :)

 The museum is connected to a large park and then the art museum. We walked around some of the outdoor exhibits.

Mark captured this great photo of Dylan reading the art installation information of these cement pieces that are from the Berlin Wall. We were able to have a really good talk about freedom. :)

We had a amazing trip. Can't wait to hopefully do it all again next year!

Beach time coming to a end

 For the last morning we were lazy (and the kids tired from a long week of fun) but still had to head out for our morning walk one last time on the beach

 I love this family picture :)
 Our car was cram packed with no room to spare...but we fit!
Mark has some amazing packing skills!!

And More...

 On our last day of being at the beach Isabelle was finally brave enough to touch and play in the water. All week she didn't want to go anywhere near it...but once she finally got in she loved jumping over the very small waves and sitting down as the waves were going out. She was so fun to watch!

 Water fight!

 Cadence loved dancing on the beach. She would make up songs to sing and dance all around. It is so great to see her creativity at her young age :).

The day ended with a ginormous pizza for dinner!

More Fun

 More sea shell finding fun and exploring on the beach!

 I think Dylan counted 100+ sand dollars that they found! (including the broken ones that did not let him bring home)
 Cadence of course had to organize them and put them all in a long ordered row. :)
 Some friends from our church happened to be vacationing in San Diego the same week we were so they came down and hung out at our house for the afternoon. Dylan had fun finding sand crabs with Eric!
Every evening we would enjoy the sunset. Tonight Cadence joined dad on the balcony and they enjoyed their dessert of ice cream together.