Friday, October 31, 2014

September Fun

 I opened our laptop and found this as our screen. 
Mark wrote it for me and made a video of memories. I love it. 

 Hard to see in the picture (she wouldn't let me take one of her at all) but can you see the black eye on her right eye. So sad...she tripped over Cadence's foot and hit her eye on the side of a bench. It was really dark but slowly healed, she was a trooper and never complained. 
 We had a really big rain storm and school was cancelled! How does that happen?! We took to kids to donuts that morning. :)
 Growing flowers in my garden for the 1st time. I love having fresh flowers always...wish I would have done this sooner!
 Found this note while cleaning the girls' room. 
To: Isabelle
I am sorry that I have been mean to you. Can you forgive me please. 
From: Cadence

I love, love, love it!
 Caught Dylan through our kitchen window still be a "little" boy. Swinging.
 Dylan basketball has been going good. No complaining!! The plan is for him to play year round.
 Mom and Dad went on vacation and sent this photo to me. In Colorado.

 Biggest pancake ever! Dylan is our official pancake maker. 
Missing teeth!

Celebrating Dyaln turning double digits!

 Dylan wanted to have a birthday party doing laser tag. He had a bunch of boys come and they played 2 games of laser tag and then had "minecraft creeper" cake! He had such a great time!!

 Aunt Michelle sent a envelope with money wrapped up for both of the kids birthdays. I love Dylan's face in the above picture...he loves getting money!
 We also gave him money, this was him pulling it out of the box :)
I can't believe he is already in double digits. 10 is a big birthday. I'm really proud of the young man that Dylan is becoming. He is learning so much of how to handle himself. He is funny, a good friend, great big brother. He is a leader, wants to teach others and is learning how to not be a "know it all". I love him so much. 

Rocky Point

Going to Rocky Point with amazing friends was so wonderful! It was so fun to let the kids have freedom to play where they wanted and the house we rented was perfect to fit all our families. So thankful to be able to provide trips like this for our kiddos. 

I made a treasure map which lead to buried treasure. 
The kids had to follow the map and then dig it up!

Celebrating Cadence turning 7!

 Cadence wanted to celebrate her 7th birthday with a "balloon" themed birthday. We rented a big bouncy house / slide and had a bunch of her friends over. She loved every minute of it. I love seeing her feel so special!

 Cadence is so sweet (although can be awnry with her sister :)), smart, a good friend, thoughtful, creative and loving. This year her creative nature has shown so much more, journeling has been something she loves. 

 She also celebrated at school. I was able to bring in treats for her class and they all sang happy birthday to her while her teacher played on guitar. 

And for her birthday gift from Mark and I we let her go to the mall and pick out whatever she wanted. It was so fun for her to shop on her own and be able to buy her things that she really enjoyed!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back to the cabin with the Whittemores!

 After all our years of friendship we finally took the Whittemore's to the cabin! It was so much fun to be there with them and showing them around. The kids of course loved exploring!

 Dylan found a iphone covered in mud at the entrance to the train tunnel. He was so excited!

 We went up to the lookout tower and was able to see a panaromic beautiful!