Friday, July 18, 2014

Wedding Weekend Fun

 The wedding weekend started with a girls night at Michelle's house. It was fun for her to have all her close friends together at one time.
 The kids looked so cute all dressed up. The girls were so excited to be wearing their fancy dresses and it was Dylan's first time to wear a tie.

 Dylan took the above picture, love how the sun is captured.

 After the wedding we headed to the beach for one day before going home. We surprised the kids with the 1 more night of stay. Our hotel was right next to the beach, so it was a lot of fun!

I love what a great dad Mark is. Fun to capture this moment of just letting the kids play with him like he is the toy...making bubble beards and hair. :)

Michelle and John's Wedding - May 25th

 Their beach wedding was so beautiful. Simple and elegant!
So happy for them!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Wish I wasn't holding the camera the wrong way but this is a song that Cadence made up. 
I love everything about her creative spirit. It is the best purest form of worship.

Hello, Hello
Where are you, Where are you?
Up here, Up here
I can't see you.
Where, I'm always protecting you.
But you can't see me.
I'm up here in the air.
You can't see me anywhere
But I'm always protecting you.

And my name is God.

Splash Pad

 We took our last family fun day on Wednesdays (during the school year) with a trip to the splash park. We have never been to this park before and the kids had a great time. This terrifying climbing structure was of course what Dylan wanted to do but I was surprised that Cadence also wanted to climb all the way to the top. Which I let her do 1 time and then asked her to stay down a little further. :)

School Awards & more

Cadence's Kindergarten class had a Mothers Day breakfast get together. It was sweet to have just that time with her. 

 Dylan received Student of the Month for May (picture with his principal)! I was super proud of him and all of his improvement that he accomplished by the end of the year!!

 Cadence had her Kindergarten graduation. She of course loves her diploma!

 And Isabelle had her promotion ceremony at school. The class dressed up in "disney" characters and sang a few songs. She always amazes me that she sings and does all the motions in front of all the people no problem...and then I ask her to take a picture with her teacher and she is all shy and won't look at the camera. Oh, my creature of habit little girl!

 Cadence had a great teacher this year, Ms. Wolf.
 And these are Cadence's new favorite friends at school from this year. Adora and Jazlyn.
 And a few weeks before school ended I helped with a field trip with her class to the zoo. It was fun for me to see her interact with her friends and have her personality come out.

Tempe Town Lake - Favorite Bike Ride Place!

Our favorite bike ride spot is Tempe Town lake and this time we captured some fun family photos!

 We got Cadence a new bigger bike. She loves it!