Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fun Memories from August

 Fun with friends, Anna and Emerson
 Looking at the kids while sleeping, never gets old for me. It's always amazing to me how quickly they have grown.
 My sweet little chicken came to check out my morning cereal I was eating outside. So bold!
 Cadence got a haircut before school started. It's only the 2nd time she has gotten a trim from someone other than me!
 Came in to Cadence's room during her quiet time to find her inside her princess tent with ear buds in listening to music and drawing pictures. This sums up my daughter!
 Found this one on my camera that Cadence took of herself. :)

 One morning before school I look out the window to find Dylan teaching Cadence how to throw a baseball. Watched with a huge smile. :)
 Isabelle enjoying some drawing time with riding around doing errands with me. 
Love that her leg is crossed!
 Israel and Kati moved this month and we brought Dylan along to help out. He was amazing, moved more than some of the adults! He and Maggie worked together getting the truck loaded.
 Found Cadence sleeping on the hard tile in her doorway one evening. Can't be comfortable...
 Went to the water park with the Whittemores. It was so fun to have the day together!
And we also had a going away BBQ at Errol's house for Jacob leaving for college this week. It is my first time to experience knowing someone from being born into adulthood. Amazing how quickly time goes by!

Peter Piper Pizza Fun!

 The day before school started we took the kids to Peter Piper for one last moment of summer fun! 
Mark bought them a ton of tokens and they were super excited!
 Dylan hit the jackpot of 100 tickets a few times...he is so good at the games!

 The loot!

1st Day of School

 School started and it is the first time in almost 9 years that I haven't had someone home with me during the day. It is a new phase of life, exciting and sad all at the same time.
Dylan: 3rd Grade!
Cadence: Kindergarten!
 Cadence did great going to school, was a little nervous at first but went off to class by herself. She loves school and learning!
 Oh, my little one. Isabelle started preschool and this is her first experience outside of Sunday School of not being with me. And she is very much a mama's girl...always by my side. She still is in the phase of life where she won't let me take a picture of her (usually), so the top picture was as good as it got on school morning. She was very timid about leaving my side...didn't cry but had a strong grip hold on me. We had a big hug and then she took her teachers hand for her 1st day of school.
When I picked her up she said she had a great time. Her teacher said she did really well. She is going 3 days a week and when she woke up Tuesday morning she was so mad at me that she couldn't go to school that day. Glad she likes it so much!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Staycation with Grandma B.

 We took our annual tradition trip of a staycation with Grandma R. right before school started.
The kids were super excited to stay in a hotel.
 We spent a lot of time at the pool!
And Mark came for one evening for a swim and the kids had some fun play time with him on his shoulders.

Thankful for the special time and memories!

While we were away the kids...

 stayed with the granparents. The girls got to spend the week with my mom doing all kinds of fun things and Dylan spent most of his time with Grandma and Granpa R at the cabin.
 He had such a wonderful time having all kinds of adventures! Grandpa took him to the old mines where they found some cool rocks for his collection and he was able to do some excavating with the pic ax. One of the neighbors came over and also showed him how to pan for gold and found a few flakes from the rocks he had found...so he was really excited about that. He also taught him all kinds of things about rocks and minerals. :)

 And his first time driving the ATV by himself! I can't believe it!!
Thankful for such great grandparents.

Grand Cayman Islands!!

 I'm so thankful that Mark and I had the opportunity to go on a trip together this summer to the Grand Cayman Islands!

 We stayed at the Marriott on the 7 mile beach. The sand is silky smooth and the water is so calm and the perfect temperature. Our hotel is the darker yellowish color behind Mark and this is the beach we were able to enjoy while there! Amazing!
 At a shopping center that was within walking distance from our hotel there was a lookout tower that we could have a 365 degree view of the area. The area of the island we were on was only 1 mile apart...so we could see both sides of the ocean. The lookout had a tile mural of the ocean the whole length of the 4 flights of stairs...it was amazing all the work that went into the tiny 1 x 1 tile mosaic.
 We also visited a sea turtle conservation. The adult sea turtles were over 500 pounds! And we were able to hold the 1-3 year olds. :) It was a fun experience.

 We stayed in a touristy area and I really enjoy seeing the areas we visit and experience more of the island life (although the Cayman Islands are very "American"). So we rented a car for a day and set out to see the rest of the island and eat at a few food shacks! This day was the high light of the trip for me. The above picture was taken at a famous jerk chicken stand...and it was delicious!
 Mark had a adventure with driving on the opposite side of the road and car. But he quickly got the hang of it and did a excellent job of getting us around. The drive was beautiful and was mostly along the ocean coast.
 We ended up at a place called Starfish point to do some snorkeling and it was fantastic! It was very secluded and lots of starfish around. :)

 The water was perfect and we laid in the shallows for awhile and just enjoyed the beauty.

 And one day we did a jet ski tour out to the middle of the ocean to Sting Ray Alley. We literally rode a jet ski out about 4.5 miles to where there is a sand bar and were able to swim with large sting rays! The pictures with the disposable camera are terrible but at least captured the experience. :)
We were able to hold and kiss the sting rays. They are super curious and come right up to you looking for squid to eat. It was such a amazing experience!
Thankful for such a amazing experience, trip and time with Mark!