Saturday, November 30, 2013

So many great moments this month

 Grandma and Grandpa R. gave us apples from a friends tree up at the cabin. The kids helped me out with juicing all them. It was so, so good!
 Dylan's basketball practice was right next to a little hiking trail, so on his last day of practice we went on a little hike. The girls had a lot of fun exploring.

 Silly moments!

 Isabelle had to go to the doctor for a well visit and immunization shots. She is in great health. 
She is  44 1/2" tall (97%) and weighs 43 pounds (93%).
 Love that they are friends. :)
 Mark and I received this note on our bed. It had been a long few days of some negative attitude and poor choices...all the work of helping his heart to become soft is so worth it in the end.
(Sorry dad and mom for being disrespectful and manipulative. Will you forgive me.)
 The kids have a tradition of asking Grandpa R to do the coo-coo clock before we leave their house.
 And Cadence's soccer season came to a end. She loved everything about playing and I was so proud of her always trying hard and not backing down. She is pretty excited about her 1st trophy!

 This note was from Cadence. I love Daddy but that's not all. I still love mom and isabelle and dylan and cadence. It made my heart smile.
 Dylan had a fun run obstacle course as part of his running club at school. It was held at a field as ASU. I think he had more fun before the race hanging out with his friends than he did at the actual race. :)

Mark is a IRONMAN!

 Mark has been preparing for the Ironman race for 1 year. 
1 year of training mentally and physically. 
2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of riding, 26.2 miles of running,
I am so proud of his discipline and his amazing accomplishment!

During training up until the day after the race he said that he would never do it again. But in the last week his talk has changed and thinks that he may do it again must be like childbirth, that you forget just how bad it really was. :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Fun

 We picked out some pumpkins from a church near our house that buys from a local farm and the money raised goes towards the high school kids summer camp. Great things to support and the kids had a bunch of fun also!

 We did some carving and roasted the seeds. :)

 The kids dressed up at school and they had a little parade around campus.
 Dylan costume was only for night time so he decided just to wear a mustache. :)

 Here is Dylan...neon stick figure. It looked so cool in the dark!!
Fun memories!

Memories from the month

 How does this happen?! I'm not sure how the girls do this to their room...but it looks like this almost all the time. And it doesn't seem to ever bother them...they just dig around until they find what they want. Drives me nuts but I've decided that I'm not cleaning it up anymore. So about every 2 weeks I make them clean it up and 2 days later it looks just like this again!
 Family love :)

 I wanted to capture the above picture of Isabelle, it always amazes me how technology is just common place and that our kids will not know anything different. 
 Dylan started his basketball games the beginning of October. He has learned a lot since he started but he says he likes baseball earlier.
 So thankful the weather has finally cooled off and we can start riding our bikes and playing outside again!
 And Cadence started soccer. It is her first time to play a sport. I have been so proud of her at the games, from the 1st game she was right in the mix trying to get the ball. I thought that maybe she might be a little more timid since she hasn't played before...but nope. She loves it!

 Mark took his annual trip to Austin City Limits music festival with the boys this month also. It's always something he really looks forward to.
 We got our garden going, the girls helped me with some of the planting. Love having them helping me.
 Dylan lost a tooth while eating a cinnamon roll! So glad he didn't swallow it!!

 Our neighbor has big desert turtles and they had babies. The girls went over and were able to hold the little turtles and tried to talk  me into buying them. I was tempted but decided it probably wasn't the best decision. :)
And Dylan got a hamster for his birthday...and loves it so much! Seriously loves this hamster. He has to snuggle "good morning" and "good night" to him. Sometime I feel sorry for the poor little guy because Dylan is always holding it. :)
 and tooth #2 lost for the month. Dyaln was pretty excited about this one because it was his crown and he thought he could get some money for it. :)
 One evening just after we put the kids to bed we heard boom noises outside and pull the curtains back to find fireworks going off close to our house. The kids of course came out and we got a great fire works show from our sofa!
 Pecans are starting to be ready!
 She has such great style!
 My mom and dad went on a month long trip driving back east for the month. The kids got postcards in the mail and were excited about them!
 To me...this is the best kind of art!
And the picture above shows Isabelle is getting better with writing her name. :)

And Cadence is a fantastic reader and has started reading books to Isabelle. 
Love this!