Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Idea

Saw this online and thought it was a great simple idea.

How to Make a T-Shirt Bag

1. Turn the t-shirt inside out, and sew a straight line across the bottom seam.

2. Line up all the seams. Cut off each sleeve just inside the sleeve seam.

3. Trace a half-circle around the neck hole using a round bowl or lid. I used a men’s large t-shirt and a bowl with an 11-inch diameter. Cut along your pen mark through both layers of the t-shirt to create a bigger opening.

4. Flip the t-shirt right side out again. There is no need to finish the edges around the neck or sleeves. You’re done!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great Conversations

Yesterday while driving Dylan randomly started a conversation with me that went like this...
D: God loves me so much
me: yes He does
D: but He doesn't love people who are bad, like the guy who stole Tommy's airplane out of his car. he is bad
me: no, He loves all people but He doesn't like it when people sin or do bad things. sometimes you make bad decisions but God still loves you. that is why when we pray we ask God for forgiveness.
D: i pray, even when it isn't dark outside. i think i will talk to God.
me: you can say to God, "please forgive me for my sin and the bad things i have done".
D: mommy, that is too hard for me to say. i am just going to say, "change my heart, God".
It is that simple. Advice from my 4 year old...change my heart, God.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

California Trip

Last week we were in California for our annual family trip. My parents have a timeshare hotel near Disneyland and we were able to walk there.

The kids had so much fun, Dylan rode all of the "big" rides and loved them all...although he did keep his eyes closed on a few of the rides. We watched the fire works, rode a more rides and left at closing. It was a great day!

We spent some time at the beach. We found a beach called Crystal Cove, it was perfect for the kids with all kinds of exploring in the tide pools. The water was freezing but that didn't stop the kids for getting in for just a second and then running around to warm up.

We also went to Irvine park which had a small zoo, pond with turtles & ducks & a train ride.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bringing back memories

Last week my sister and I happened to be at our parents house at the same time with the kids. Jake (my nephew) and Dylan don't get to play as often now that Jake is in Kindergarten, and they love to play together.
I come around the corner to hear the kids says "Shhh" and tip toeing into my parents room. I realize they are trying to sneak up on Grandpa who had just laid down for a nap. The video shows what came next.

As you can see in the video, my dad doesn't move a muscle. Just lays there and takes whatever the kids are doing. At one point I look over to find Dylan with a pillow over my dad's face and him on top of the pillow bouncing up and down on him...and my dad still doesn't move!

It instantly brought back memories of my sister and I doing stuff to my dad and him just letting us. We would play hairdresser, draw pictures with markers all over his skin, put makeup on him and he even let us paint his toe nails.

"Thanks Dad for the great memories"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hike at South Mountain

We found a trail at South Mountain that is easy enough for Dylan to do.
We had a picnic lunch first than off for a hike.
The weather was perfect, nice and overcast.