Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer Fun

 I love that we have a pool!

 I painted our house bright white with grey trim all by myself! All went good except for one moment when the gun came loose and I didn't know and the photo below shows the results...too funny! Mark said I looked like a sad clown. :)

Showing off our merchandise at our store!

 Our taping of the price is right was so so fun to watch!!

 Making cupcakes for Lincolns 11th birthday. Simple but love that we have this tradition.

 Mom took the grandboys to Flagstaff and Bearizona!

May Memories

Celebrated Jolene's birthday at Thunderbird park with dinner and a hike. 
 End of season football with CCV Church league

 I started working on the outside of our house. 1st project was to tear down the southwest style decorative bricks to get it ready for painting. 
 Cadence had a great season of volleyball, loved her coach who challenged her but was still so kind.
 They have the best dad! Silly and fun!!

Mark's 40th Birthday and Kids to the Cabin

 We went to Vegas with a bunch of friends to celebrate Mark turning 40! I'm super bummed that I didn't get a photo of everyone...but it as a great celebration! 

 While we were away Grandma R took the kids to the cabin for a get away. :)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Birthday Dinner for Mom R


 Happy Easter!

Almost as tall as Grandma!

Girls Trip!

Oh these girls...I love them all so much! This is my 3rd annual girls get away to California with the girls from bible study. I love the sweet conversations, laughter and no responsibility!