Monday, May 22, 2017

May - Moved into our house!!

 We had our 1st meal in our house!! It is a long long way from being done but we have moved in. See the no floor...yep, we lived like that for almost 6 months. See the plywood counter top...that stayed for almost 3 months. Each project at a time! 
 Even Chinny found a good resting spot in our last sunken area in the house. 
 Put the kids to work cleaning up the front yard.
 Love having our sweet neighbors. Our neighborhood is why we choose this house! So thankful to have so many wonderful families all around us. I know my kids' childhood memories will be of running around will all the kids! 
Cadences' room is all set up and complete! She loves having her microphone and has been practicing singing a lot lately. 

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