Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boys vs Girls

Yesterday I invited some friends over for a play date and give their mom some time off...4 friends, 2 boys & 2 girls all from the same family. :) Needless to say the house wasn't quiet and the kids had a great time! I decided to get out some old electronic stuff out (I pick them up cheap at yard sales) for the boys to take apart. Dylan loves doing this and thought it would be a fun "boy" thing for them to do. Dylan got all the tools ready for them before they came over. They did great for awhile and then I hear some loud banging from the other room while I was on the phone...I look around the corner and find one of the boys with a hammer held high taking swings at the old printer! They were having a great time...but I had to bring it to a end when pieces were flying all over. All I could think is "only boys". :)

Meanwhile the girls were quietly playing doll house next door :)

We then ventured outside for some water time. I had to do turns on the trampoline of girls and boys...the boys were bouncing them too high. So of course what would naturally come of the boys being in the pool while the girls jumped....

squirting them! Well, because for no other reason then it makes them upset and scream. What is it about knowing something bothers the other person that makes you want to do it more.?

It was good times and I am so thankful my family isn't any larger than the 3 I would be exhausting! :)

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