Friday, July 14, 2017

March Memories

 Family fun day at Castles and Coasters!

 This silly girl said she wanted to be a monster...too funny!
 Mark is so sweet. We were driving down the road and came across a lady who was in a mechanical wheelchair sitting partially on the road. Her battery had died and she was stuck with all her groceries. Mark helped her into a neighbors car and then pushed the chair the whole way home! 
 Went for a hike for the 1st time every by myself, it was great! 

 Love the friendships that Isabelle has established this year. I see her personality coming out more and more and it does my heart good!

 Got together with Dad's brother Ernie and some of his side of the family. 


 The girls made homemade slime out of glue and misc other ingredients. Cadence is border line obsessed now with making it! 

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