Thursday, August 19, 2010

Low Budget Kitchen Remodel

We recently got the ok from our landlord to paint the kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen is so dark and uninviting...I called it the dungeon. This is the before picture.

I started by putting up a textured paintable wallpaper on the cabinet fronts. It is a striped pattern. Really great stuff. It is still kinda sticky because of the foamy feel of it so we'll see how it holds up. :)
Then off came the fronts so I could start with the actual cabinet painting. The kitchen was in extreme chaos!
To keep the costs as low as possible, I spray painted the hinges & screws silver. Worked great and saved almost $200!

The cabinet fronts all came out to the garage for their coats of primer and paint.

I had a little help along the way.

Mark put on the drawer pulls...he's much better at being precise than I am.

Once I had the cabinets done I didn't really like the way they turned out. Just nothing special and the color I choose was just way too much. So we got the idea of putting trim pieces on to break up the color.

I really like the way the final project turned out!


Anonymous said...

way to go Jill! (and mark!) I'm so impressed!! --kobie

Millstream30 said...
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